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Along with being a Christian Speaker, Laura Sandretti has written a book and is a regular contributing author for Just Between Us ministry magazine.

Walking By the Homeless (paperback)

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by Laura Sandretti

How many times have you walked by a homeless person? Or read about someone hurting or in need and felt conflicted? How often have you spoken to a stranger more nicely than your husband? How often have you looked in the mirror and not liked the person looking back at you?

​Walking By the Homeless is a book about ordinary life intersecting with awareness by author Laura Sandretti. It is about one suburban woman’s journey from ignoring the homeless to identifying with them by becoming mindful of gaps in her beliefs, actions and relationships in her heart and home. This is a story about doing something in Jesus’ name in our cities, country clubs, kitchens and the crevices of our souls. Walking by the Homeless is not a glamorous or romantic journey, but it will challenge you to think and help you live and love with less regret.

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7 reviews for Walking By the Homeless (paperback)

  1. lucky5570

    Wonderful, thoughtful book! Laura shares how she has journeyed through her faith walk with God. She truthfully describes how She has been led by Jesus and the Holy Spirit to live out a life serving God. She’s asked herself the tough questions about her core beliefs. In this we discover how being patient and trusting the Spirit’s leading, we can be the hands and feet of Jesus. How we can examine ourselves and live the life He wants for us. Scripture, pondering questions and prayer promps help lead the process!! Thank you, Laura for sharing!!

  2. Denise Mortimer

    Very thought-provoking – I really like the things to ponder questions.

  3. Renee Richer

    I laughed…I cried…I highly recommend! It challenged me to open my eyes to the world around me.

  4. Tammy Holzer

    Such an incredible and inspirational read. It challenged me to look deeper into myself and my relationship with God and what He calls me to do. The “To Ponder” at the end of each chapter challenged me and really made me self reflect.

  5. David Lee Brooks

    I serve the Homeless in South Bend, Indiana. At this moment you may be thinking about helping them, that’s why you are reading books about that subject. If you help the homeless, you’ll certainly not run to do that. You’ll crawl to arrive there. As you are thinking about helping them…You’re afraid! You don’t know how or where to help them! You don’t feel qualified! Laura’s book describes how she struggled with the same issues you are struggling with. Though she crawled to help them, she arrived, and was rewarded. So, read, crawl, arrive, be rewarded.

  6. Brian Smith

    What I appreciated most was the transparency and authenticity of the author and the biblical focus of this book. I enjoyed the creative design in that it could be read straight through (like I did!) or read as a devotional which I plan to do next.

  7. Kathie Van Milligen

    Loved this book!

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