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How to Raise Adult Children

Last week I was upset with one of my adult children so while rage vacuuming, I told God how I was going to discipline them. I told Chris I’d prayed about the decision and thought I had. But telling God what you’re going to do rather than asking Him for wisdom then...

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A Funeral Confession

In April I attended an upsetting funeral. Upsetting because the pastor ended his sermon, in the most genuine, heart-felt and believable way, talking about how awesome it will be at the end of our lives to run into the arms of Jesus. He said he couldn’t imagine a...

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Why Church Doesn’t Work

My friends and I were talking recently about how the Christian life sometimes feels like two steps forward and fifty back. Although the Lord’s delivered me from the bondage of anxiety, I still worry about my kids. I recently spoke at a conference about how God's...

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Where’s God?

The last five weeks have been…exceptional. My son, who I’m incredibly close to, graduated high school and spent a night on the campus he’ll be attending in the fall. My oldest daughter shattered her finger at college. I was with her for what the doctor deemed, “a...

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A Letter To Myself

Dear Four-Years-Ago Self, Everyone’s telling you high school’s going to go fast for you and your kids. They say, “Don’t blink” or you’ll miss it. You already know and are dreading how quickly it's going to go, but what can you do about it, right? A lot. 1. Be Present....

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