Family Crisis

Early Sunday morning my friend, the executive director of the non-profit ministry whose board I serve on, called to tell me a member had passed away. What does it mean to be a “member” at Hope Street? Technically, I suppose, a member is someone who lives at Hope...

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Burning My AARP Card

I’m not sure if it was the AARP cards that arrived in the mail, my son’s upcoming graduation or my ever-aging hormones, but I’m struggling. Struggling with some relational loses, my nest emptying and not knowing what’s next for me in this next season of life. I’m...

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Why I Drive a Fast Car (Slowly)

I love cars. I’m the middle child between two gear-head brothers. When other girls were playing “I Spy” on car rides, I was playing “Guess-the-make-and-model-of-that-car-by-looking-only-at-the-back-headlights-or-I’ll-hit-you.” When I finally graduated from driving...

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My Autoimmune Dis-ease

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that by God’s grace has not progressed, been symptomatic, nor could I get a second opinion confirming it. Recently, however my bloodwork is indicating a progression, that in whatever form, my body is fighting...

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International Sledding Lessons

Next week my discipleship group is over. No more meetings at 7:30 am. No more feeling “Naked and Afraid.” The group has been like no other Bible study, discipleship course or curriculum I’ve experienced and I’ve learned, grown and changed. How?I’ve learned to make new...

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